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Successful succession

With the King being hospitalized for over a month now, people are naturally thinking of the succession issue. It has always been around and it has always been percieved as the most provocative and potentially dangerous. The feeling was that the country could explode in the aftermath. Now the succession talks are out in the open, and no one seems to care. What has changed?

I think the reason is that now the society is mature enough to separate the man and the principles, and what is needed is the succession of principles – justice, fairness, utmost concern for the country and so on. Back in 2005/2006 yellow PAD turned to monarchism to uphold those principles, their fight for justice and democracy became synonymous with the fight for the king. As they were forced to tone down their monarchism, the principles were left standing on their own, and they found out that they can survive just fine and have a lot of support in the society.

About a month ago Sondhi said in an interview that their support for the monarchy depends on the King following his prescribed duties, the ten royal qualities. I saw it on Bangkok Pandit’s blog here

Later on the reds brought the royal institution into public discussion, too, and lessons the society learned from them was that politics and governing should be kept separate from the monarchy, and that relying on the King to fix everything is not going to work.

It’s this attitude that helps the country to look at the succession possibilities without freaking out.

The speculation that the Crown Prince would be bypassed are being put to rest – another precious find by Bangkok Pandit.

Shawn Crispin in Asiatimes outlined several scenarios how succession could be managed exactly, and none of them leaves the possibility of any kind of serious revolution, or handing the power to Thaksin. It still might go terribly wrong, but my bet would be that the country survives just fine.


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