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Cambodia not forgotten

They did it again.

There’s no point in commenting, just a collection of quotes as posted on Song of Khmer Empire blog:

Hor Namhong, Foreign Minster:

Siamese leaders are stupid for always officially relying on only [unreliable siamese] media.

Hun Sen:

Excrement is Thailand is very expensive, because the Thai people gave it as a gift to the prime minister. Even with that, he still does not resign from his position.

If you don’t tell the truth about Siam troops’ invasion in Cambodia on 15 July, let the magic objects break your neck, may you be shot, be hit by a car, may you be shocked by electricity or [may you be shot] by misfired guns.

You are a true power thief, if you don’t believe me, hold an election and you will lose.

I am angry with only a few people, I am not angry with the entire Siam people, and [I am angry] with the dumb newspapers The Nation and Bangkok Post.

What a funny bunch Thailand got for a neighbor.

No comment

This picture alone speaks better than a thousand words about what Thailand is dealing with.


10 Responses

  1. This picture alone speaks better than a thousand words about what Thailand is dealing with.

    or perhaps you could have posted a picture of Sondhi Limthongkul conducting a menstrual pad ceremony:)

  2. Comon, Hobby, how’s that related?

  3. Take a guess Stan.

    I’ll give you a hint – which Thai group started trumpeting the Preah Vihear temple dispute as a way to gain attention and cause trouble for a government (and who is that group led by?)

    Unless I misread what you are trying to imply by the picture you posted – in which case I could apologise:)

  4. Yeah yeah, Hobby, you know what I meant.

    What is your objection here exactly? Why this deflection to Sondhi? He hasn’t said a word about Cambodia recently, and Hun Sen hasn’t said a word about him either.

    Is it “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” logic here? Why does it look like you are trying to defend the lunacy that goes on across the border. You do know they just sentenced their own countryman to two years in jail for informing the public about Vietnamese encroaching on their precious Khmer soil?

    In no time we get see Hun Sen braving the Thai border, shooting curses and thumping his chest.

  5. So my original interpretation was correct.

    In that case I’ll spell it out regarding my original post:
    “People in glass houses……………………………….”

  6. You mean I have to be politically correct and provide a “balanced coverage”, I have to mention what Sondhi did two years ago if I want to make fun of what Hun Sen is doing now?

    I don’t think I would ever do that.

    What’s with the sensitivity to Cambodian cause anyway, Hobby?

  7. There are fools in both countries, yet you choose to criticize only the Cambodian side, and do it quite regularly. – that’s what gets my sensitivity going.

    I’m no fan of Hun Sen, but he still seems to me to have less of a credibility problem than Kasit (and Abhisit for keeping him on).

    • There’s nothing quite equal to Hun Sen, and now his Foreign Minister antics. Two years ago Kasit called him a gangster and that’s it, how much mileage do you expect to get from it? Cambodian stuff keeps coming in and it always manages to surprise me. Laying curses on Abhisit – I didn’t expect that.

      Don’t expect me to write an entry on Thai fools every time Hun Sen does something outrageous. That’s not what I understand by “balanced” or “even handed” or “fair”. In fact I hate it when I see in professional journalism.

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