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Reds, The King, and King’s men

It is well known that for some red shirts Thaksin has become the most important person, but what about the rest? What about reds who insist on holding the King in the highest regard yet demand the purge of “ammart”?

It is an interesting case of immature love, as in “love me love my dog”.

Reds sort of know but don’t yet realize that the “ammart” cannot exist without the King, that they are barging into a very complex web of relationships. Their level of understanding of these relationships is only on the second stage, according to Perry. I was looking for some better known taxonomy of understanding but Perry’s second stage fits rather well.

The true authorities are right, the others are frauds

There are seven more steps to go to the last one:

Believe own values, respect others, be ready to learn

Leaving taxonomy aside for a moment, people like Prem or Surayud were directly appointed by the King himself, when reds rally for their removal they are, indeed, indirectly issuing demands to the King himself, and they are indirectly holding him responsible for all the crimes they attribute to their enemies.

These reds are ready to embrace the King but not his choices. I suppose the most dedicated among them feel that their love runs very deep, yet they don’t see how other people, especially their enemies, can feel the same way, they don’t see this love as a unifying feature and can’t share it yet.

Two factors counterbalance each other here and tear their souls apart – institutionally instilled love and respect for the monarchy on one side and relentless red propaganda on the other. Individually people would be forced to eventually make a choice, and this weekend we shall see how many seriously fell for the propaganda and decided to act on their new found feelings.

Generally, reds as a group, have already separated themselves from the mainstream society, living with different ideology, pursuing different goals, listening to different media. This weekend we will see how many of them turned real hardcore. For now they are clearly in a minority but the nature of Thai society is such that any power attracts followers, no matter how it was obtained.

If reds can make a big statement they’ll automatically gain more support among the silent majority, just by the virtue of accomplishing something, no matter what it is.

Back to taxonomy – reds really really need to elevate themselves close to that last level. So far they have zero respect or tolerance for others, without it they can’t “win” in any sense, even if they somehow muster really big numbers.


2 Responses

  1. Good point about who makes the appointments to the PC – also need to look at the deafening silence since Dec 2005 on various draconian LM cases & convctions.

    btw, its hard for anyone to make an ‘informed’ choice when only one side of the agument is heard, and the other side is effectively banned.

    Decades of only hearing one side of the story keeps the myth going as to open ones eyes means going against what one has always believed in – thats not easy for any of us to do:)

  2. Red newspapers and magazines are commonly found at newsstands and red radio is available 24/7. They just don’t make any sense to non-reds and from what I’ve seen their aggressiveness immediately drives many people away.

    They are a world apart from the mainstream society and they set their discourse themselves.

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