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Red rally Day 3

As expected, Abhisit dismissed calls for House dissolution, reds thought about it for a few minutes and left empty handed.

Then another dumb idea struck in some of their heads – massive blood donation.

I don’t think they can pull it off. They don’t have any facilities and asked the hospitals to send them nurses and needles. Good luck with that – no government hospital would even consider helping with this mad idea, and I doubt even Thaksin affiliated private hospitals would be excited to help – bad publicity and all. I’m not sure they can get enough volunteers anyway.They’ll probably abandon it during tonight’s rally.

Their level of preparation is very suspicious, it’s like they promised Thaksin to come out, got their money, hadn’t given it a second thought, and now they are winging it like bad stand up comedians.

It would have been funny but this level of stupidity makes it rather tragic – what a waste of (allegedly) perfectly healthy interest in politics!

There was something I’d like to know more about, though – when reds went to the Abhisit’s new HQ the army had huge speakers to address them in Isan dialect, and it apparently had quite an effect on some of them. Is it true, and what did they say? So far I’ve seen it only on Tulsathit’s twitter.


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