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Bloodletting day

Yesterday it was supposed to be day 4, though Prawit writes it’s a day 3. With blood flowing everywhere no one is counting anymore.

I was wrong about lack of nurses, I forgot Dr Weng was actually a doctor with his own clinic and probably enough friends to get supplies and nurses, and there must have been quite a few trained professionals among the reds shirts themselves.

In the end they got a lot less than 500 nurses Weng promised but checking numbers here is a futile task. Weng himself said to have collected 500 liters from 50,000 protesters while the Nation reporter said there were 300 liters from 70,000 people. Note: the link to AP story from Bangkok Pundit doesn’t have Weng’s numbers anymore.

Nation’s guy said they poured blood in 40-gallon drums. Haven’t seen these drums in any pictures, and they needed less then two drums for their entire 300 liter collection.

Nevermind the numbers, what struck me most was this monk:

β€œTo make a monk bleed is one of the worst sins,” said Phol Chanthasaro, a monk in orange robes who stood at the gates of Government House. β€œI want the government to understand right and wrong.”

No one made that dude bleed. He shouldn’t be at a political rally in the first place, ok, he could splash sacred water to bless people, but no one made him donate his blood, and now he blames it on Abhisit!

There was a brahmin performing some ritual during the blood pouring at the govt house. Today the chief royal brahmin reported as saying:

…the anointing of the blood at Government House’s gates carried out by a man clad in white yesterday was not an auspicious ceremony.

“It was not a Brahmin ritual either,”

In another development Jatuporn was reported as urging Phue Thai MPs to resign en masse, but not starting with himself, to which PTP replied that they’ve donated their blood for the cause already, one bloody liter, and that’s all they can do at the moment.

The real shocker, for me, came early this morning, a few seconds before I completely woke up – Sorrayuth in his morning news program said that Jatuporn promised to set himself on fire if the government doesn’t give in. No confirmation of this anywhere yet, maybe he didn’t really mean it, but then the earlier mentioned Nation’s report has this:

A 47-year-old Kalasin resident, Pian Thonpanya, said she was proud to be part of the donation. She vowed to do anything, even give her life, to help the red shirts achieve their goal of ousting the government.

Clearly some of the reds have opened up to the idea and now they are just negotiating the price, if you remember Shaw’s “will you sleep with me for a thousand pounds?” question.

Mass suicide would probably the natural course for this movement, they’ve done it politically already as even PTP does not support the call for house dissolution anymore:

Pheu Thai MP Paijit Srivorakan said the call for mass resignation was mere rhetoric designed to sway the crowds rather than a demand aimed at his party.

He added that Pheu Thai was not planning to push for House dissolution and also reminded parties involved that MPs vacating House seats was not an effective manner to pave the way for a snap election.

Well, that’s the first one, probably was misquoted by the Nation, but, honestly, people have long suspected that PTP were too comfortable with their salaries to call for new elections, to hell with Thaksin and red agitators. The split between PTP, red shirts, and other red groups is the main theme of Tuslathit’s analysis today, the front page story that is strangely not on their website. There’s probably a lof of truth in it, the evidence has been widely reported elsewhere, it’s not just The Nation’s conspiracy.


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