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Red rally yet another day recap

Yesterday people spent whole day speculating about Abhisit proposed negotiations. This was the first time he elicited some response from the red leadership so hopes were high.

Then Thaksin phoned in and killed the idea on the spot, by attacking the mediator, Thailand’s Human Rights Commission.

Thaksin, of course, knows everything about Human Rights, he once taught UN human rights envoy to go back where she came from and solve HR problems there before attempting to judge Thaksin’s war on drugs. After all, Thaksin received International Forgiveness Award from some Italian institution for it.

That was a laugh.

Current Thai HRC is not without criticism, the appointment process was all murky, but that’s not the point now, is it? Thaksin just won’t be excluded from any negotiations between his foot soldiers and the government. They can’t talk to Abhisit without his blessings.

Tomorrow reds want to go out and meet Bangkokians while their Samut Prakan faction wants to throw shit bags to important “ammart” locations around the city. Yesterday Phuket faction went to rally at the Stock Exchange all by themselves and that protest was quickly disowned by “official” leadership.

It’s not a cause for concern yet, but dozens of red groups roaming the city at will and setting up their own rallies, with all that bloodletting and shit-throwing, it might turn ugly very fast.

Kudos to Abhisit for luring reds in a position where they vigorously defend their inability to inflict any damage – they try very hard to prove their non-violent, peaceful and harmless approach which is exactly what Abhisit wants from them.

Gen Panlop was the latest one to attack red leadership for their flawed strategy. It might be nice and attractive from PR point of view but it is also very ineffective if they want to achieve their stated goals in their time frame.

Once they agree to Abhisit terms of engagement, they’ll get mired in all that “democracy” stuff – civil debates, stubborn MPs, elections only once every four years, the majority of the population that don’t subscribe to the red agenda and so on.

There’s no practical way they can revert to 1997 constitution via legitimate means, for example. There’s no practical way to make any changes to Privy Council, judiciary, top level bureaucracy, no practical way to curb ammart at all.

And there’s no practical way to help out Thaksin either.


8 Responses

  1. Judging by the ‘unwanted’ international media attention this week, Red’s are not the only ones under pressure – and in todays environment /communication age it will not be able to be easily suppressed in Thailand 🙂

  2. Do you mean the Economist article? I’ve found quite a few promising tings in it, from seeking Sulak’s advice to Crown Prince preparations for the succession – he seems to be making progress and learning.

  3. Being new to this, area and blog (Hello!), could you point me to the source for “the majority of the population […] don’t subscribe to the red agenda”, please? Maybe it’s living in a direct democracy that’s getting to me, but I’ve started to find all of this unspecified stuff out there a little annoying. What are the numbers? Are there any?

  4. You want to discuss it here, or over at my blog?
    (only joking:) 555

    • Yeah, ok, I keep reading your blog but you don’t post very often, and there was that long Joy-JFL five set dialogue I couldn’t keep up with.

      Just give me a second to catch up with overnight news.

      • I really was joking, and the sort of stuff I would have to say is not really possible unless I was prepared to cut all ties with the country.
        And anyway, our previous ‘weak or part of it’ exchange gives you the gist of my line of thinking on the subject.

        I don’t blog so much because I find there are many bloggers who can do it much better than me – now I just throw in the odd post here & there if I have not seen my take on things expressed much elsewhere, or occasionaly if I feel I can offer something constructive as a way forward.

        I too find it hard to keep up with JFL & Joy – they operate at a much higher level than me:)

  5. I think Abisit should step down and dissolve the house so that the situation can come back to nornal. Then the election is held and everyone should willingly accept the result. Or the problem will never solve.

    By the way, today accidentally come across one interesting article. I posted it at my blog and orginally posted at : http://www.thaipoor.blogspot.com

  6. House dissolution is not the actual goal, it’s only a first step, and reds should present a clear argument how it would help and what they intend to do afterwards. Also keep in mind that the red shirts themselves are not running and their political party doesn’t want the elections right now.

    It is quite possible Abhisit would dissolve the House, I just don’t see what good it would do to the country.

    Let’s see how the stock market moves this week, on speculation of early elections. It was going up last week when reds looked incapable of forcing it.

    And that’s just one consideration

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