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Let’s not forget Cambodia

Check out this claim by a Cambodian general, proudly announcing that they’ve killed 88 Thai soldiers last year while suffering only two casualties themselves.

And here is the pic:

We killed 88 of them Thais!

The article itself says: “News reports have cited just seven soldiers in total from both sides killed since hostilities first began in 2008,” which is about right.

That comes just a day after Hun Sen’s visit to Thailand for some Mekong conference was a breaking news on both Bangkok Post and The Nation. Last week Hun Sen told his people to stay away from red rallies, and that came just days after Thai media speculated that Thaksin was hiding in Cambodia, on the basis of a doorknob in one of his video links which looked like doorknobs at Phnom Penh Intercontinental.

Later Thaksin was spotted in Montenegro, of course, leaving Hun Sen off the hook. At one of the phone-ins Thaksin told red protesters he needs to go to bed because next morning this little “prai” had to wake up early to oversee the renovation of a hotel he bought there. Busy busy busy.

Anyway, it was all going rather nicely with Hun Sen, and his visit will probably be unremarkable, but that general’s claim was uncalled for and might sparkle another round of cross border chest thumping.


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