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Red rally – what next?

So two weeks of festivities are over. This Saturday march around Bangkok was canceled, officially because there could be sabotage and provocations by third parties, there’s also a big international meeting in town, but, I think, it’s because people got tired of singing and dancing for nothing.

Red fever held up for about two days after the success of their previous tour of Bangkok but, when the initial effects wore off, reality settled in – no one cares what they do, say, or demand and there’s no appetite for show re-runs.

Abhisit decided to call it a day and is going on two week international trip all over Asia.

After trying to negotiate with the reds he has given up on that idea, too, and now he openly mocks their demands. First it was “war on ammart”, reforms of Privy Council, then “House Dissolution” as the ultimate goal, then “Class War”, then “We want to talk to Prem”, then Thaksin asked for his money back to stop the troubles. Abhisit just laughed: “Is that your last request yet?”

PTP tried to go on strike but, after the govt removed the barricades around Parliament, they have no other choice but to keep going to Parliament sessions. Maybe it was a cunning plan by the govt from the start, when PTP first floated the idea of refusing to work instead of resigning en masse. The govt created a distraction in the form of heavy security and PTP wasted their strike on fighting that.

Reds are reassessing their overall strategy. Gone is “final battle” rhetoric, they are digging their heels and planning to stay long, the actual plan is going to be unveiled today. Let’s see what they come up with but people are already making their Songkran preparations and I doubt anyone is including joining red protests in their plans.

Last year Songkran was the culmination of their campaign but this time reds’ big show is already over and they are struggling to keep the numbers and, without new “final battle” calls, they are going to turn into a permanent fixture no one notices, like trees, plants or noodle vendors.

It seems it’s going the way of Thaksin’s earlier brainfart, Thai Elite Card – big promises, grande opening, losing money, die hards refuse to admit being duped, slow death, quiet cremation, no one attends the funeral.

Democracy had a sore throat three days this week and was sick again yesterday, her whereabouts were unknown but she tweeted once she was in Dubai. Probably not, there would have been more evidence if that was so. When she popped up on Thursday to show herself she appeared perfectly healthy, with no signs of fighting two-day, debilitating illness at all. She could be really on the run from Dubai and Montenegro authorities.

Oh, and last but not the least, after a month of deliberations, Thaksin had decided that between rejecting Thai justice system outright and a slight chance of getting the court decision overruled, money matters most, and so his lawyers filed their appeals in court he has openly denounced. Double standards, me thinks – he doesn’t stick to his own principles. Reds must be outraged.


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