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Farang on a red stage

Was in taxi again, around 3PM, I think, and heard a farang speaking at the rally. Didn’t catch his full name, only that the translator called him “ajarn” and “Aron”. He himself mentioned he is an American.

I don’t know about treating red shirts as buffaloes, this dude presumably had a “superior” western education, yet he has clearly lost his marbles by campaigning in a foreign country, at the illegal rally and under emergency decree.

Dude is just asking to be arrested and deported for good.

I don’t know what to make of his actual speech.

He was talking how governments shot people in Kyrgyzstan and Egypt, and he was fully supporting people’s cause. Was he implying that it’s OK to storm the government house and engage the army and the police in a full on battle? It certainly looked so, and the crowd cheered these sacrifices.

At one point he was talking about the power of the vote and he said that the Americans suffered eight years under “that idiot Bush” but finally got rid of him in elections. I was half expecting him to continue the thought and tell reds to go and wait for the elections, too. It’s only a year and nine months, not eight years, after all. But he was all about people power instead.

Funny how exactly the same “they live under Bush and don’t complain” argument was used against PAD when they were out on the streets but is now appropriated to support overthrowing the government instead.

He also said that reds were very restrained and haven’t done anything “too much”. Yeah, sure, it was fake reds breaking into the Election Commission on Monday and Parliament on Wednesday, not to mention breaking off the negotiations and escalating the crisis. Also, he should try running from a mob over the back fence himself first. He should also see the mob subduing and disarming a uniformed soldier/guard before making stupid statements about normalcy.

Speaking of fake reds, the best tweet I’ve seen about it was saying that the fake reds were the ones dancing through Bangkok two weeks ago, these are the real ones.

I’m not saying their smiles were fake then, they just honestly believe that if they sing and dance very well, they can have a huge party on your front lawn as long as they like, cos they are “friendly”. Well, that’s not how it works.

Also saw quite a few “red” pickup trucks and motorcycles going downtown along Ratchada, seems like they are mobilizing in a wake of a crackdown because the huge rally is scheduled for Friday, not tonight.

Abhisit should watch his timing carefully here.


4 Responses

  1. “It’s only a year and nine months”

    Sure, if the other side deigned to hold elections at all, give the rural people semblance of free vote, and respected the results afterwards. Performance in recent elections is not the problem for the reds. The problem is that they won them only to be illegally overturned, twice.

  2. Which one of them doesn’t have a representative in parliament they didn’t vote for?

    None. They all got exactly who they wanted, and if they feel their representative usurped their vote they can choose someone else next time, someone who wouldn’t listen to the army or Newin, or Thaksin, for that matter.

    Yellows felt the parliament was hijacked by Thaksin, reds feel it’s hijacked by the military.

    But then how would they explain Anupong turning the tables on Abhisit and the coalition still sticking together.

  3. Lets say we accept your view of the current parliament (I dont but…) – There is a simple solution to get the protesters to go home, why hasn’t the government taken that option instead of choosing the bloodshed route?
    (all the protesters asked for was dissolution – the coalition has nothing to be afraid of by going to an election, right StanG?)

    Everyone has been saying bloodshed was inevitable – its not like its a surprise – the government, by its choices & actions has shown they are either afraid, stupid or bloodyminded (actually all three in my opinion:)

  4. Last week Yoon’s opinion column nailed it, I think.

    The red-shirt leaders said during their “high-school debate” on television that if the premier had five kids, he should first listen to the one who screams the loudest. Now, the four other kids want to know why the spoiled one is getting all the attention.

    I also wonder where did Economist arguments against street protests disappeared this time around? They were quite vocal against PAD demands for Thaksin to resign, now that the shoe is on their foot it doesn’t hurt so much, does it?

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