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Thaksin is DEAD?

And Now for Something Completely Different:

Nation blogger Piset claims Thaksin has died.

That would explain his absence, Manager insistence on him being at the latest stages of prostate cancer, red sudden desire to negotiate or seek asylum abroad, current absence of three leaders from the red stage, Abhisit’s new found cockiness etc.

It would explain a lot of things indeed.

Piset claims that regardless of Thaksin’s exact status his family is seeking government approval to bring his body to Thailand, and, while previous government claims about Thaksin had often been refuted, if Pojamarn herself is talking about it, Anhisit and Anupong have all the reasons to feel relieved.

Last night Thaksin twitted furiously, but his latest tweet, presumably from Dubai, has a glaring error:

ตี4แล้วนอนกันเถอะครับ ของผม 5ทุ่มง่วงแล้วครับ good nightทุกๆคนท่ียังไม่หลับครับ

If it’s 4AM in Bangkok, it’s not 5ทุ่ม, or 11PM, in Dubai, there’s only three hour difference.

The point is being that it wasn’t Thaksin twitting but someone on his behalf.

If the time is correct, Thaksin must be somewhere in Europe of Africa. That would explain the error but also kill an otherwise elegant theory behind recent developments (not that I wish him dead).

Another wild news from Nation blog is about the crackdown underway.

Or it could simply be the way people feed their lust for news when there aren’t any.

Anyway, it breaks the usual Abhisit vs red boring routine.


34 Responses


    That was the story my wife was told by my very excited maid (passed on to her by a very gossipy Red neighbor) during the night of the Silom attacks.

    I wonder what kind of gossips passes for news at Khon Kaen at this very hour.

    • Fuck you.
      Thaksin go to hell.

      • Wish Prem is really Dead!

        • why? so he can join you? he cant, caz if he’s dead he’s going to heaven but u…. obviously, partying it up in hell…

      • i think we all wish thaksin is really dead. after all, he’s the main cause of all these fighting. he should go to hell.

        • I do not wish him dead.
          I’d rather see him come around, apologize to Thai people, serve his jail time, if it comes to that, and leave the rest of his life in peace.

  2. Some suggest sqare face in Cambodia. A possible alternative explanation?

  3. […] who knows if it's true. i doubt it but here's another site: Thaksin is DEAD? Thai politics "Yeah well, you know, that's just, like your opinion man." –The Dude. […]

  4. So is he dead? If so I will be very excited!

  5. It does not seem to matter anymore whether he is dieing or he is already dead. Red army is out of his control. They have been scheming for years and continuously sucking more than enough money from this running convict.

    Apparently, he is going to die soon. He made his decision himself choosing to die abroad, wherever, rather than being checkmated in his birthplace’s penitentiary.

  6. It would be a chance to see if this is all about him, or whether instead of being the root of all evil in Thailand, he might just be a by-product of the system shaped by the real evil ones.

  7. I’ll stick w/ my version I described at Nganadeeleg’s site. Ignore my ongoing rant with Anony . . . . I have a hunch anytime now (the timing is very delicate ) Thaksi will spring out at Rajaprasong and game over . . . Abhisit is checkmate.

    If I am wrong . . . meaning all the actors playing Thailand’s ongoing deadly chess are all morons . . . then it is doomsday count for the spark that starts Thailand’s civil war!

    It is insane . . . the imminent finale bloodbath Gen K had already telegraphed . . . I just could not believe everyone wants a civil war to settle scores once and for all.

    (Is there anyone else behind the scenes who is capable of being The Puppet Master, aside from Thak??)

  8. Reds are determined to fight the army, does it qualify as a civil war?

    I don’t think so.

    Insurgency, sure, attempt at revolution, maybe, but not civil war. For that the other groups, PAD and “lak si”, must join the fray. So far they just back the government against the reds. The idea of rejecting the state altogether is not on their minds at all.

    It could develop into a civil war if the state falls completely and those different groups would fight for supremacy amidst power vacuum.

  9. It could qualify as a civil war if police and army units turn on each other. In that sense they are in the state of civil disobedience so far.

    I think their predominant feeling is “it’s not my job to fight these reds, just leave me alone”.

    By this standard I practice a lot of civil disobedience myself when I delay doing the dishes or hanging the washing to dry until threatened with withdrawing privileges.

  10. Don’t believe it until you see the actual dead body. A person like him can fake his own death and show up again and those idiots following him would think he even beats death.

  11. Thaksin said his time in Montenegro. If you check the time difference 4 AM in Thailand, it’s 11PM in Montenegro

    • Yes, the photo I posted in Thaksin’s alive must be taken in Monternegro, not Fiji. It was taken a couple of days later than the rest.

    • No, If Thailand is 4am., Montenegro will never be 11pm. because between Thailand and Europe only 6 hours difference.
      (in Europe approx. 6 hours behind). Stupid!!!

  12. Hell is belong to you looser Thuksin.!!!

    StanG: That’s not the kind of language I expect on my blog, I let it stay only because it’s the first time Jum posted here.

  13. Hell is belong to all who are against our KING!

    StanG: Nawiris, tone it down, please, leave comments, not shouts.

  14. I’m sure we’ll hear soon if Karma has finally caught up with Thaksin, which it will do in its own time. I feel sad for him in that he has so much money that he could have a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying his later years in a pampering environment in almost any country he chooses. But instead he chooses to spend them creating disunity and unhappiness for the sake of revenge, money, and power.

    He could even ask for forgiveness from the Thai people, saying things like he will never involve himself in Thai politics again, that he realizes that he has made serious mistakes, etc., and most people would forgive him eventually. But instead he has chosen to continue along the path of infamy. This is why I feel a bit sorry for the man.

  15. I think you capture the thoughts of everyone, at the end of your life you want to create the worst disharmony in society we have ever known.

    Why dont you just use your immense wealth to help the “real” poor people not thugs on motorbikes!

  16. well… thaksin has a cancer and somehow he’s in the state of an emergency simply put, he’s fucking dying… the treatment appears to have a negative effect on him and now the oxygen tank + all sort of machines are keeping him alive. medically, he’s dead… if someone removes the oxygen tube, he will die. His family including his ex and daughters + son are now wearing black, so obviously they are preparing for a funeral. personally, i just cant wait for this mother f*cker to die and leave thailand in peace.

  17. The last ignominy for Thaksin when he dies, assuming that the rumours are true, is that his body can’t be allowed to be brought back to Thailand.

    Red Shirt leaders would tell the simple folks that Aphisit murdered their beloved hero, and then off we go all over again. They’ll make more fake pictures, perhaps of Aphisit stabbing Thaksin in the back this time, and then Prompong will go off and complain to every International court and embassy about how Aphisit murdered Thaksin.

    I hope that his son doesn’t go into politics, call his father a martyr of Democracy, a Ghandi-esque figure, and a Nelson Mandela of Thailand, fund more demonstrations, and carry on where Thaksin left off. He did cheat in his exams, but he can’t be that stupid, surely.

  18. At a Saladaeng soi I encountered Thaksin and he was NOT dead. I first thought it was Michael Jackson because his face was blood-drained pale. He walked stiffly with both arms raised and macabrely uttered “democracy … democracy”.

    The zombie-Thaksin cornered me to a wall and as I weakly futilely raised a hand to ward him off, he stuffed Baht 2,000 exact to my open palms. That was not bad eh . . . and my conversion is complete. Tonight in step I stiffly so too will walk behind Thaksin-the-Undead for d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y.

  19. Don’t know if he’s dead or not, but he sure is an idiot :

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