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Is Thaksin alive?

Continuing in the same conspiracy vein.

Yesterday Thaksin twitted some more and uploaded new photos on his facebook page.

The man is in Fiji!

He is well and alive, thank god.

The problem with his previous tweet remains, though.

Look at his timeline – he watches football, posts a dozen tweets, than tells that it’s 4AM in Thailand, 11PM where he is, and says good night.

Fiji is 5 hours ahead of Thailand, though. The game started at 4.30 AM (Sunday in Fiji), ended around 6AM, and his “good night” tweet came at 9 in the morning.

This picture from Fiji pack shows him on Sunday morning at 10.56 AM

Pulled all nighter?

Does he look like he just pulled an all nighter?

All of his Fiji pix have timestamps, allegedly superimposed by the camera when taking a shot, but no other automatically generated metadata. It has been cleaned off without any trace.

Oh, and for world traveler he never forgets to reset his camera clock to new timezones.

As for latest developments, I’m tired of commenting on red logic of “just how many people do we have to kill to force Abhisit to surrender?”

Look at Terry’s tweets, translating messages from the red stage. They are in complete and irreversible state of war.

They invented a new motto yesterday – Mai mee si, mai me sen. Which some translate as “no color – no connection” but I swear they got them wrong – it’s “mai mee si, mai mee “sense”, just in Thai pronunciation.

Check out what I mean in this funny cartoon playing on mispronunciation of both Thai and English words. Valentine here becomes 2m + lense + Thai (2m=1wa)


4 Responses

  1. To all Foreign Correspondence and Journalist who are covering Thailand Political turmoil.

    I just heard an interview from CSIS to Mr. Ernest Bower ( Senior Adviser, Director Southeast Asia Program )

    I just wish to request that please leave Mr. Thaksin name out of any reports from now on Thai politics. The Red has grown out of the nutshell of Mr. Thaksin. There are a bunch of Red young leaders who are very much capable to focus and guide the Reds out of poverty , democracy and down with tyranny to seek justice for all Thais.

    The Reds now knows very well who and what they are fighting for.
    1. They are fighting with a handful of tyrant and murderers who controls the army .
    2. The reds are fighting for democracy and justice to tyranny.

    The world will not listen if reports from you continue to link the reds as Former PM Mr. Thaksin supporters.

    The Reds are not supporters of Mr. Thaksin anymore. the Reds are own its own with young new leaders that will soon change Today’s Thailand.



  2. The Reds now knows very well who and what they are fighting for.
    1. They are fighting with a handful of tyrant and murderers who controls the army .
    2. The reds are fighting for democracy and justice to tyranny.

    Who do you mean tyranny, and what make your lives so miserable?
    Did your family lose the benefit in government bidding? Is your life suffer, no help come along?

    What do you want to change in this society is Corruption from all government and start from the local level. Educate people, and make people to rely on what they have not hat they want.
    Learn the word ENOUGH.
    Do not use the words “I’ll do this for the poor people.”
    We are going to be another Theorist, Idealist who dream is beautiful but never stick to the reality. Hands on and help them. Not screaming and ask for change…
    You’ve got well educated, doesn’t mean you are smart.
    Be realistic and feel the dirt if you want to make change…

  3. Why would Thaksin be dead.


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