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Where is Waldo?

Thaksin has popped up in Montenegro, or so they say.

Fits with the timeline of his Saturday night tweets, it was 11PM in Montenegro when it was 4AM in Thailand.

The AP story, sample here, as was widely announced by media yesterday, gives quotes from this video:

However, there are no western journalists in sight and there’s no date or even clues to the date given anywhere. In the comments to this video someone claimed that Podgorica was soaked with rain in the past few days but the place is dry in the video. Some say the original AP story has been removed, only reproductions, like the one on gmanews, remain.

AFP story here gives the same quotes, from the same video.

The Nation here mentions local newspaper, Vijesti, but their website search gives only an older account, nothing about the latest interview. Vijesty logo was on one of the mikes of the interviewers.

There’s this headline here. Not saying much, though.

I have no idea what to believe. Is it possible that both AP and AFP got the video from some the source, assumed it was new, and wrote a story based on it? Could the video be from his earlier visit in March?

It is possible, imo, but it doesn’t mean this is exactly what happened.

More interesting is this blog about photoshopping Thaksin’s Fuji pictures.

I can’t say with any confidence that the pictures are genuine or doctored, but how on earth his woman got exactly the same shot with and without Thaksin???
Do you see Waldo?
Here is Waldo!

Something is definitely not right here. I wish Thaksin good health but the doubts about his latest visit to Montenegro remain, as well as some serious doubts about his visit to Fiji.

Disclaimer: I’m just killing time on this conspiracies, don’t take it seriously, yet.


7 Responses

  1. Oh, and in this story Noppadon said Waldo was in Dubai on 25.

    Let’s assume Thaksin is really in bad shape. By Saturday the govt got a whiff and got all cheery and decided to simply sit it out. His relatives know they can’t hide it forever, but, if he still hangs on, release some doctored photos and plant news stories to buy some time.

    We need a clear proof of life to dispel the doubts.

  2. “I’m just killing time on this conspiracies, don’t take it seriously, yet.”

    Daggers a-sharpening . . .

  3. I’ll go offtrack — Thailand’s Lese Majeste law and every bloggers on the matter agree should go. (Let’s not delve on why up to now LM still stands. Even during Thak’s 5-year run, when he had overwhelming parliamentary majority, nothing was done … etc etc. )

    My question is if Thailand is to completely delete the Lese Majeste law, how is that to be done? A parliamentary act or via a referendum vote?)

  4. […] Where is Waldo? […]

  5. Thaksin in Paris?????

    Original here

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