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Thaksin in Moscow

Update at the bottom

2Bangkok recieved an e-mail from a journalist who took photos of Thaksin in Montenegro on Monday, April 26, confirming that the photos were genuine. I don’t know how people would disprove that one. See it here.

I just did a bit of research on Thaksin’s Moscow picture. The location is here:

That's where Thaksin stood in his photo

That is taken from exactly the same spot, give or take a few meters.

Thaksin in Moscow

On the say of Thaksin visit it was 13C in Moscow at 4.30 PM – see here, Thaksin is obviously in a very good health to stroll around with only a light jacket.

Yesterday I mentioned that people complain he doesn’t have a shade. My opinion is that the shade just didn’t quite reach the bottom left corner of the photo, but the shades that ARE there fall at a different angle – look at shades on his face, and, even better, at the shade of his head falling on his jacket and compare it to the shade from the lamp pole and signs on it:

Inconsistent shades

See what I mean? The sun could be at the same height but the source of light on Thaksin himself is located almost exactly to his left, making the shade of his chin as long as the wide sign on the lamp post, MCHS Russia, a clue to the location. (both the pic and the explanation have been updated. StanG)

I’m not trying to prove that he is either dead or alive, I just wonder why does he have the need to post fake photos at all? Seychelles first, now a dubious picture from Moscow.

In a few minutes we’ll have photos of his kids leaving Bangkok, reportedly dressed in black. They were taken yesterday, Thu April 29, I understand.


Just spotted it:

Thaksin kids flying to see his father

It’s from the Nation’s blog chief “Thaksin is dead” conspirator. No date but Piset claims it was yesterday, April 29 at 10 AM.


8 Responses

  1. last year photo , while they went to supreme court on 76,000milion ฿ .

  2. Please..we should not be fooled by this. Isn’t it obvious..he is staging his own death!
    I have a bad feeling he would suddenly “Wai” at ratchaprasong. All hell will break loose as his minions would see it as Jesus being resurrected. We should not believe this.

  3. Forget about the shadows, if you blow up the image you can see the pixel arrangements are not consistent around his body. Check out the straight line along his right arm…but they did a very good job. You ask why; keep Abhisit government guessing.

    • I think the govt has better channels than checking his facebook page. They can ask Brunei for confirmation, for example, off the record, of course, if Thaksin is in Dubai that’s trickier but still not impossible to check.

      I can’t think of any good motive to post fake pictures on his official page.

      Delay the crackdown by feeding the rumors of his death and deliberately posting impossible to check “proof of life”? What about that Montenegrin photographer then? Was he paid to sell old photos to AP? He must have been paid a lot to stake his reputation like that.

  4. Wow, your question was rhetorical. You “knew” all along…nothing to discuss when you already “know”.

  5. I don’t think that’s a reasonable motive. Rumors might work on general public but fooling the government is not so easy.

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