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Shooting of Sae Daeng

I won’t post all the gory details – pictures and videos from before and after. I just want to speculate on how the shooting fits into a larger picture.

I believe it was ordered by the government but with complete deniability. At best there was “do what has to be done” advice from someone in power while the operation itself was proposed by the military. Many in the government probably had no idea what was going to happen or who the target was. Good luck to reds trying to charge Abhisit for that now, the trail is too long and obscured and they’ve got a doze of their own medicine and realized that the government is ready to play dirty, really dirty.

It’s one thing to denounce Abhisit as a murderer just for the kicks, it’s quite another to really know he IS a murderer and you could be in snipers cross-hairs as you announce it to the world.

If people are expecting a real crackdown they are going to be disappointed again – killing of Sae Daeng would probably follow by more talks and attempts to revive the roadmap, hoping that without Sae Daeng’s pressure red leaders will be more agreeable and open to negotiations. The government might withdraw for a moment or at least relax the military grip on the area.

Those who were rumored to give up will be contacted again, with more sweeteners. They’d be given at least a day to make a decision. If nothing changes, tonight or tomorrow someone else might get shot. I bet reds are wondering who is next on the govt black ops list.

A lot would depend on public reaction – will there be a backlash for outright killing of Sae Daeng, however notorious he was, or will the public just dismiss it as a third hand and continues to support the crackdown? So far there aren’t many fingers accusing the govt of extra-judicial killing but that might change as the day has only started. It will turn really bad it these accusations creep into the mainstream media.

I doubt the government plans to sniper out any more red leaders right away, they need to see red response first, perhaps the tactic would become naturally redundant.

Either way, the time is clearly running out, school opening is very close and the government would try very hard to limit the impact on parents and students, if not disperse the protest altogether.

Let’s see what they’ve got up their sleeves besides shooting “terrorists” in cold blood.


6 Responses

  1. A True Gentleman

    What is a gentleman. Well , a gentleman is seen as a hero who kick the butts of a bully who tries to show power to instill fears among the poor villagers. A gentleman knows no bound of a gentleman’s manner or tactics used as when face to face with big bullies. So long as the big bullies are tame down by another man. That man is a gentleman

    I am just wondering , leaders of the reds are the leaders to lead or they are just amateurs , hand pick for their talent in public speaking skills only.With Sae Daeng assassinated by an army sniper of the proud government as an example to others who dares defies their power and orders. We could be seeing the end of the Infamous red protest.

    With Major General in critical condition, is there any red leaders that is capable of putting up a barricade for protection. If the answer is yes, but not as good as the ones set up by Major General . I believe it is still alright.

    With the onslaught assassination from the big bullies, are there any red leaders that is willing to sacrifice for what they are preaching.

    If there is than there is hope. History never repeats itself. Hang around and wait to be shoot in the head by a sniper. Never ask the red protester to pack up and get going back to their farm. If red leaders do that , than be ready to be eaten alive by their own red protester . Either way the red leaders will be chew up by sniper or by the protester who had trusted them .

    Still trying to find another way out, easy. make a phone call to thaksin and request him to hire a good number of high profile assassinates and bust off the head of abishit , prem and the likes of those who are behind the stolen throne.

    Almost forgets that big bullies have jam your area of communication. There is still this way, learn from the yellow shirts in protest. They are ganstar , mafia’s . They destroys anything on their way. The public wows that they are much , much more dangerous than the reds. The big bullies rather leaves them alone than to have a head on with them.

    Look, they are the real protester. They don’t waste time and chase away tourist and economy. But they sure do chase away Thaksin at the stroke of a lighting.

    Last , leaders of red. To die in sacrifice and heroic manner is an honor compare to live , survive and to spat at is humiliation that with rebirth the weight of memories continues to haunt you.


  2. I’m not sure what shocks me more – the fact that you think it was a government sanctioned assisination attempt, or that you think that’s an Ok strategy.
    (you subscribe to the Thaksin school and have never heard of charging & prosecuting alleged criminal actions?)

    At least Thaksin’s extra-judicial killing had noble intentions to clean up the rampant drug situation at the time – you really think assasinations are a viable alternative to elections?
    (No wonder you dont sem to mind when Darunee gets 18 years jail, or when Thailand loks like becoming a Burma or North Korea – that’s what you want?)

    • Lots of people believe Sae Daeng got what he deserved, extra-judicially or not. Did you hear Korn on BBC yesterday vehemently denying government involvement? I believe he was totally out of the loop.

      I wouldn’t compare it to the drug war but I said reds got the taste of their own medicine – someone on the govt side is prepared to play dirty, too. Surprised? That’s what you blasted it for all along anyway.

      Thanks for bringing in drug war, Darunee, Burma and North Korea in one short comment. Can’t argue with such heavy artillery.

  3. I think I wrote somewhere (at absolutelybangkok.com) that the assassination of Sae Daeng augurs a new chapter in Thai politics . . . now more a-la Philippines bloody style. And Thailand could be a very quick understudy in target-elimination of ‘leaders’ of opposing camps because Thailand has a bountiful assassins-for-hire industry at Petchburi and other provinces.

    Who shot Sae Daeng? StanG’s finger pointing at Abhisit is one (although Abhisit’s Hollywood looks could easily cast doubts about any Abhisit murderous intentions).

    There was an interview recently at Wall St. Journal where Khattiya claimed his authority came directly from Thaksin Shinawatra and thus Red leaders could NOT fire. What if Thaksin S. suddenly realized Khattiya is more of a liability as the Red turmoil escalates?? Meaning how will extrajudicial Thaksin S. fire General Khattiya without hurting …er his feelings??

  4. It could be rogue/off the record Queen’s guards revenge for April 10, it could even be reds asking Gen Panlop/Chavalit people to remove Sae Daeng who went out of control and could have shot red leaders themselves as new martyrs. There have been reported scuffles between genuine red guards and those who follow Sae Daeng.

    I don’t think even if it was a government side black ops they told Abhisit everything about it.

  5. Sae Daeng before the hit was openly garrulous . . . giving the press lots to write about – – including his Thaksin connections and Red tactics.

    I am beginning to believe the Sae Daeng assassination attempt was probably of Red origin . . . perhaps coming from the top of the Reds leadership seriously worried about the danger of an overly talkative General Khattiya if ever he gets captured by the military.

    Who profits more by the elimination of Sae Daeng aside from the government? Thaksin? Chavalit?

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