Bangkok Adrenaline

Watching this B-movie now, was “released” on torrents a couple of days ago.

No replacement for good old Tony Ja action wise, crappy sound, often even not synced, but there’s minimum of The Beach/Bangkok Dangerous stereotypes. If the script is from some novel, it was NOT by a guy who lives in Nana Plaza.

Refreshing indeed. Sometimes funny, and it’s about our city. Where’s the smiley for “I love Bangkok” on wordpress?

I’m waiting with apprehension for Kevin Bacon movie where he plays Soi Cowboy bar owner. Not bar scene again, please.

Oh, and check out the latest South Park episode, “medicinal marijuana”. The part about Stan’s Dad trying to get cancer was hilarious. Don’t let the children watch it, though. Thais can take a lot of South Park but this one was really graphic.