Quick review of the last couple of weeks

This month I was pretty busy to blog on anything but I surely kept my eye open on what was going on. As things were, nothing seemed important enough to spare half and hour on a post. With every “breaking” news story I went “Arghhh, what a waste of time!”.

Let’s recap it quickly, in no particular order.

Map Ta Phut court ruling – things are moving along, Anand is working hard, regulatory framework is going to be set sooner rather than later. In the meantime projects that haven’t been approved can get their act together and seek court approvals. Thailand has passed the stage where environment was sacrificed to development, everybody, from politicians to policy makers to investors should get used to it.

Abhisit and the government performance polls – that was that really ticked me off at the time. What is the purpose in all this? People have absolutely no idea what the government does 99% of the time, what is the value of their assessment? Everybody can give a grade on one to ten scale in a couple of seconds, but that would be talking out of his ass, and the media spread those brainfarts into a week long affair. These polls can only testify to the perception of govt performance, nothing more.

What are they comparing the government to? What would be a ten? Perfect life in perfect times? What the ideal govt could have done during the world recession and massive layoffs? What the current government could have done if it worked at 100%? What would an alternative government could have done this year?

The Nation went a bit further and conducted their own polls among businessmen, political scientists and their own editorial team separately. The range of opinions and reasoning is telling only one thing – even these people, supposedly in the know, have no clue what they are talking about (not that I do either, and that is why I don’t give out grades).

As popularity contest these polls haven’t said anything new either – PTP is likely to win more seats than Democrats but whether they can form a working government is a big question, and it is likely to go south if they start pushing pro-Thaksin agenda again. Nothing changed, except Democrats, after eight year absence, have shown that the country can function reasonably well under a non-Thaksin government. People have a choice without fear of uncertainty now.

Hun Sen went barking mad, calling for regime change in Thailand and accusing Thais of hatching coup plots against him. Nothing new, he’s just collecting points to qualify for a mental asylum. Half way there already.

Thailand deported Hmong back to Laos. There’s public outrage, fueled most likely by ignorance and paranoia – I’ve yet to see any credible threat to their freedom and safety in any of the letters or editorials or blog posts. If someone knows something they keep quiet about it, leaving the stage to loud mouthed fools. I just don’t see how the Laotian government would suddenly change their minds and start prosecuting the Hmong instead of giving them options and funds to resettle as they promised. So far the fears are baseless.

Reds have postponed their rallies, again. Every time they do that the media starts scaring people that when they finally come out it will be a mother of all protests. Yeah, right. It takes months for protests to gain momentum and capture people’s attention. The longer reds postpone them the less mojo they have left. Despite all the scaremongering and predictions of doom for the next year, unless the govt screws it up itself it has nothing to fear from either the opposition or the reds, they are just minor annoyances.

Big shot at Thai Airways got busted for abusing his position when flying Thai. Next thing you know PTP comes with similar accusations against Korn, hoping for the same effect. Get lost.

Public Health minister resigned after allegations of improprieties (not corruption yet). It’s a third cabinet member in a year. By contrast I don’t remember Thaksin firing anyone in his six years in power over similar accusations.

Have I left anything “important”? Maybe, but, as I said, I watched the goings on this month with disbelief – these people got completely carried away with their political games and lost all sense of reality, and that is MY year end assessment.