PTP – fundamental change is underway

While this Nation’s report talks about PTP’s response to the current Thai Cambodian crisis, there’s one point that needs to be stressed – PTP has finally resigned to living under Democrat government.

That is just swell.

Now they will have to reassess their own role, familiarize themselves with the duties of opposition lawmakers, and, hopefully, learn to do something useful for a change.

That means strengthening of Thai parliamentary system, it means acceptance of the rule book, it means having common ground, it means cooperation between political rivals.

Democrats have gone through this process under Thaksin’s governments, now it’s PTP’s turn.

Another point worth noting is PTP’s belief that voters have short memories and so will forget this fiasco easily, and they are probably right. Makes one wonder whether holding elections is a suitable process for filling government positions. Companies don’t hold elections to appoint their IT managers or Chief Financial Officers, why is that country’s Finance or IT Minister’s job is given to people with absolutely no qualifications? We had one who got Finance portfolio and his only experience was that his wife runs a spa chain, and the current IT Minister’s qualification is that she is a wife of a popular guy in a big city upcountry.

This process, Cabinet appointments, needs to be reconsidered.