Rakesh mania subsides, Chavalit takes over

Rakesh news are finally off the front pages after three days of blanket coverage. Rakesh isn’t talking, the stature of limitations is expiring next year, only one lawsuit will probably get to the court in time, and the “group of 16” found out they have nothing to worry about despite all the threats to expose them.

One of the big wigs in that group is Suchart Tancharoen who is sitting on the fence, politically. If Phue Thai goes after him, he’ll join BJT come next elections. If Phue Thai goes after Newin or Banharn, they can forget about asking BJT or Chart Thai into coalition.

So nothing will come out of this Rakesh saga. Time to put it to rest and wait for court proceedings.

Chavalit, on the other hand, dropped another bomb, even though it didn’t go off yet. I’m talking about his proposal for Nakhon Rat Pattani self-governing entity – it can really differentiate PTP from Democrats and Prem led “ammart”, bureucratic polity, who refuse any talks about autonomy outright.

If PTP really takes it up and runs with it it will score some big brownies among “thinking classes” for taking a bold step and moving the country forward, and it might shed its image of brainless Thaksin hangers on. Everyone realizes that some big political changes are necessary in the South, even if not right now then in the not so distant future. The problem is no one knows how to go about it and no one dares to talk about it in public.

Thanks to Chavalit, this idea might become a part of national political discourse next year.

So far it got no traction but it’s just the beginning, let’s see what they put in editorial in the next couple of days and what stance PTP as a whole will take on the issue.