The Fallout

The government quickly blocked the Times article but not the transcript.

In the banned story there is “Thaksin calls for shining new age after King’s death” line. I don’t know why exactly the government feels it warrants blocking but Thaksin has all the reasons to be enraged – for all the things he said, he didn’t “call” for it, he said “I’m confident he can be shining to perform Kingship”, which has a completely different meaning.

Too late now, in PR wars it’s not the truth that matters it’s the perception, and Thaksin has been buried here. The govt is actually doing him a favor, considering the way Thais could have passed it around.

On the other hand, Thaksin made his preferences clear, too, just in a more subtle way.

Red shirts will continue to worship him, and probably look forward to the succession, but for the rest of the society Thaksin has passed the point of no return. Double whammy in one week: “I will work for Hun Sen and I will wait for the King to die”.

Interesting point is that he admitted to having a hundred, maybe two hundred million dollars outside the country. Those funds never appeared on his asset declarations and this fact alone could disqualify him from entering politics again. Doesn’t matter, with all the legal hurdles he is facing, but if he talks about political persecution that would eventually end, and his slate will be wiped clean, the stashed funds will become a hot issue again.

100-200 mil is also well within range of Nation’s Thanong estimate he published last year, not many people believed in his calculations then.