Karmic reactions

Sunday was spent on upgrading Ubuntu – they release new version every six months, in April and October, so 9.10 (10 -October, get it?) was due.

It took hours to download and install, and when everything was done, the desktop was black. Apparently there’s a problem with my graphic card setup and visual effects, as I know now, on Monday morning, but yesterday I stayed up late trying to fix this and another minor issue, which had been successfully resolved before 7AM this morning.

Perhaps the developers rushed this release to keep with their October promise, or perhaps they just didn’t want to number it as 9.11 version. But, as the name, “Karmic Koala”, suggests, no matter what you call it, you’ll get your karmic reactions anyway. I know I did.

It works perfectly fine without visual effects, but looks awful. Hopefully I’ll enable some hidden features in video card setup, and hope they work, and I get my wobbly windows and rotating cube back.

What I’m trying to achieve is something like this. It worked perfectly fine before the upgrade, so the usual worries about getting back to the old version are here and stressing me out.