Delizious Halloween

I live in Minburi and we are not spoiled for Western food here. We’ve got two Scoozi outlets, one at the new Avenue mall behind Fashion and the other at new Carrefour on Romklao, and that’s about it, so the addition of Delizio is very much welcome. It’s on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 164, between Mistine and Big C, on Mistine side.

Unlike Scoozi that basically follows Pizza Hut format but with Italian taste, Delizio has a full menu with antipasti and all. I’m a vegetarian and so was very pleased to find a whole page devoted to veggy food, in addition to some mouth watering non-meat entries in the main section. There’s also “Kids corner” and tiramisu and stuff.

I’m not a food critic so I won’t comment on their truffle ravioli, I’ll just say we don’t get anything like that here, ever.

The other thing that we don’t get here is draft beer imported from Germany. There was Great American Rib on Ramintra that had Paulaner but it went out of business a few months ago. I couldn’t memorize the brand at Delizio but there were “clouded” and “dark” choices. Both are good. As with truffles, there are just no substitutes.

They also seem to take their wine seriously, selling a lot of reds and whites by glass, but I’m not sure how popular they are with Thai customers.

It also happened to be Halloween and they took it seriously, too. All staff were fully dressed in various costumes and all faces were painted as ghosts, and they gave away various trinkets – horns, magic eyes, all with lights and batteries. Whole nine yards, very impressive.

One problem is that it’s a shop house affair without the glamor of downtown restaurants or the relaxed atmosphere of outdoor dining in suburbia, and curbside parking, but I can live with it for the food and beer they offer.

It’s also not the kind of place where you can feed the whole family for two hundred baht. Four entrees and beer was B 1,300, but we can easily spend more than that at Fuji, so it’s not by any means outrageous. Truffle ravioli at B330 was the most expensive item, and pizza was under 200, I think.

Shame about shop-house environment but it easily beats fried rice and Chang with ice at any other place in this area.