Western media, that farang and Kyrgyzstan

When I was listening to that farang on red stage one thing he said attracted my attention that I was uncomfortable with – uprising in Kyrgyzstan.

I distinctly remembered that Interior Minister was killed by the mob but the farang was talking about government shooting people. When I was typing a blog post yesterday I checked international news and the farang was right – it was all about death toll among the protesters, 75 dead, thousands injured.

Then this morning I looked through yesterday’s paper and there it was – “Mob kills a minister, holds another captive” story. It was from AFP and was written BEFORE the revolution won, in a small town where the uprising started, before they moved onto the capital and the ensuing bloodbath. That’s how it looked then.

By now that death is already non-existent. There’s only a small paragraph mentioning “beatings” in Talas at the bottom of BBC lead story and absolutely nothing on CNN. Maybe you can find something if you search their archives but for a casual reader looking at “Related stories” there’s nothing to suggest the brutal beginning of the campaign. It’s all legitimate and democratic now, after they have won.

Type in “interior minister killed in Talas” in google and you’ll get scores of these headlines to get a feel how it looked on Tuesday.

So, our revolutionary dude on red stage was either unaware of how things developed in Kyrgyzstan or was intentionally withholding the negative part of the story to rally people for a “peaceful” uprising here.

More likely he was just CNN brainwashed idiot who thinks he is an authority on democracy and people revolutions.