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Faking dead reds


How can we go from this:

One victim

to that:

Five bodies

Photoshopping dead bodies for the red cause?!?

Get the fuck lost.


24 Responses

  1. Am seriously with you, but can this video be faked?

    • Hi,

      While it is right to question what people put out there. We were watching this even from our balcony at 18 Rajaprarop, across the street. Three people went over to the man with the injury near the plant, not the guy with the head wound. There was then shooting from the military end and everyone stopped moving. Each time anyone moved, more shots would fire. They were finally able to get the injured man by the plant into the building with the yellow grate doors. After which, the photo with solely the man shot was photographed. I have two photos which show first the shot man with others around him, and then the shot man with no one around him.

      Anyone from the west side of Rajaprarop between Rangnam and Rajavithi who was watching can verify this account.

      Further- the next video is also valid.


      • Sorry- “while it’s right to question what people put out there — this is in fact an unadulterated video as we were eyewitnesses to the same events.”

  2. What;s going on here?


  3. Also worth investigation:

  4. WTF?????

    I have never watched Discovery channel and I never will.

    I’m speechless.

    They should give an Oscar and a what’s the name of that rich guy prize to these two people’s struggle for life, and that doesn’t even begin to describe the meaning of it.

  5. And, of course, where are all the gunshots coming from?

  6. Ste, the video or two souls struggling to survive leaves me speechless.

    The video you provided has a shot of black/red guy running back armed with a rifle

  7. Its SIMPLE! They’re just ducking down (still alive) waiting for the gunfire to stop. Obviously they crawled out later.

  8. I’m dead wasted, no arguing details from me for now.

    How did those two characters got themselves in a picture in a first place?

    Jackass 3?

  9. Ohhh, two dudes in the video were never as far apart as in the still picture….

    How could that have happened?

    It’s the fucking with reality that needs to be proved for now, not the reality itself.

    • Blocked on True. I still get Prachatai feeds, nothing new there, just recap of human rights related news that are mostly ignored by local media. Senators asking for ceasefire, AHRC asking for ceasefire and so on.

  10. now, there are reports of a few protesters (maybe around 3 – 5?) having been shot in head by what looks like the work of snipers. If that is really the case and was carried out by army snipers, what motive does the army have to do this? how does it benefit the army/government?

    it seems the result of these killings more benefit for third hands or red themselves who want to further enrage the reds to go create more mayhem and at the same time also tarnish army/gov image.

    • Indeed, even more so during April 10 clashes when victims like the Japanese cameraman and “flagman” had absolutely no tactical value and were shot after the army has retreated and their deaths were used by red leaders to attack govt brutality. I find it hard to believe the govt created this PR disaster itself.

      If there were “black” snipers at work then – what are they doing now?

      • I commented this elsewhere and I’ll repeat. I suspect there is one black sniper following Nick Nostitz then shooting Reds Nick took a photo of, or, interviewed.

        Hey. . . it’s just a suspicion but Nick should be careful that black sniper does NOT miss.

        • though rather late, FCCT has just today tweeted that: “There are numerous reports that foreign and Thai journalists are being targetted by some elements in the red shirts.”

          • First these tweets started coming from Ding Daeng area, then reds went to Channel 3. Richard Barrow went to Imperial Samrong to check on Samut Prakan developments and reds, even though leaderless, told him to delete all his pictures and he had to hide his reporter identity until he sees “police lines”.

            • Mark McKinnon’s tweet about half an hr ago:

              At least five wounded around me at makeshift medical centre in park behind Wat Patum temple, one a friend and colleague.. gunfire continues

              another victim?

              • There were tweets whole day about snipers in Rama I area, preventing firefighters from reaching Siam Square, Paragon and CW. I don’t think soldiers kept firefighters back because they were going to shoot them themselves.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Panuwat, Stan G. Stan G said: @tulsathit Fake "innocent" deaths https://siampolitics.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/faking-dead-reds/ […]

  12. While it is possible there are snipers in black shooting people in other parts of the city — this is NOT the case at Rajaprarop. We personally watched from above what Nick is describing from on the ground. The military was shooting from their post at the intersection of Soi Rangnam and Rajaprarop. We could see the military move down the street, into the gas station area, and then down our driveway into the Complete Condo apartment complex. These men were military. There were not a third arm wearing military fatigues either. That you could propose it just shows that you were not in the area to witness it. Furthermore, the military put up a sign at their post that said “live fire area”…

    For sake of a quick argument — had there been a third arm picking off the redshirts, then at the very least they were doing it with the complicity of the army, whose barricade and personnel were directly where the shots were coming from (ie soi rangnam/rajaprarop).

    I personally did not see any red-shirts with any weapons other than fireworks and slingshots. And I saw many. And many who were engaging with the military on Rajaprarop. On Friday night, we saw an unarmed Red shirt shot by a military sniper directly in front of our building. On Saturday morning, we saw a woman shot in her head across the street. On Saturday afternoon, we watched the Nation reporter get shot by the military across the street from our building. On Saturday evening, a tenant in our apartment complex was shot by military snipers who thought his cigarette was a weapon. Afterwards, the military announced on loudspeakers not to go out on our balconies, as they could not tell the difference between civilians and protesters.

    That said, after dark on Sunday night, there was clear evidence that the red-shirts were throwing petrol bombs. While we were no longer watching from our window (it was too dangerous), at times it sounded as if there could have been an exchange of gunfight between the two sides. Prior to this, gun shots were heard only coming from the side of the military.

    I certainly support your right to whatever feelings you have against the red-shirts and their tactics. However, by believing and propagating these fanatical conspiracy theories you are only complicating the necessary mediation and reconciliation that will be required to help repair this county.

    Liz & Bobby from 18 Rajaprarop

    PS. We were finally evacuated today. Since Rajaprarop is a live fire zone, we had to climb a tree, then a wall, to get to a side-soi, where military escorts were waiting for us.

  13. I have no knowledge why your area was declared “life firing” and I do not claim that there were third hand snipers killing red protesters there.

    There was a short report of the army shooting an armed man on top of a building in Bon Kai, nothing about Rangnam.

    In the comments on his original story Nick contended that he indeed saw a black clad protester with a grenade launcher concealed under this clothes. He didn’t mention when and where but I guess it was somewhere around there.

    There were also twits about French journalist returning from Ding Daeng and saying “Don’t believe the hype, these dudes are armed” and “It’s Sarajevo out there”.

  14. And we’ve seen many tweets, and reports, from war correspondents and other journos that the only weapons they have seen on the red-side are fireworks, slingshots, petrol bombs (at times), rocks, bottles. This is also what we saw. I can tell you no more than what we personally witnessed from Thursday to Sunday afternoon.

    Like I said, on Sunday night they could have escalated — definitely petrol bombs, perhaps grenades, perhaps guns of some sort on the red-side. I can only say at that point what I heard.

    I am solely trying to reiterate that those shot and shot at in the first two videos and the first two photos on this page were witnessed, personally, and that the shooters were the Thai Army. Any suggestion to the contrary should and must be refuted.

    BBC is reporting that the Army is using a containment strategy via “live fire”, shooting at anything that moves in order to keep people about 800 meters from their lines, creating in essence a no-man’s land. I would concur with this description. And point out that all those shot above were are just breaching those 800 meters. I would say that the strategy has been effective.

    Regarding the guy shot on the 23rd floor- he is the friend of the former Thai pop singer who was shot in his arm. http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Asia/Story/A1Story20100516-216510.html
    I could also post the online message board for my building in which the residents, in Thai, discuss this and the efforts to try to help them. They then translated a message for those farang on the board, confirming he had been shot. (There was also blood spray on our 12th floor balcony). However, I do not want the web-board taken down, as it is our main link to the few residents who have decided to stay.

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